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"Greg's works are inspired by a reverence for the visual reality of nature and attempt to convey the delight it is capable of generating - be it in landscape, still life or portrait.

He is consequently aligned with a long tradition and at odds with much contemporary painting in its confusion,as he sees it,  between artistic merit and novelty; between artistic merit and the transgression of recognised values; between artistic merit and shock value and between artistic merit and the expression of some subjective emotion.

Much contemporary art seems designed to destroy the claims beauty would make on us and to replace works of art with attention seeking artists, frequently as interested in a political agenda as visual reality. Much of it also is driven by whimsical fashion, producing the comic spectacle of herds of bohemian individuals stampeding in the same direction, usually towards a dollar.

Some build the horrors of human existence into their artwork, others - and Greg is one - seek to remind us that there is sufficient beauty in our daily lives to keep us interested and that art and beauty are part of a life well lived.

Greg seeks to take us to a quieter place where the observance of daily objects, places and people are exposed as a source of human contentment and where their depiction in art has the capacity to elicit a similar response.

He works mostly in oils but also in charcoal and pencil with his main areas of interest being still life, portraiture, landscape and life drawing."


Deep Purple                                                  Oil on Canvas                                                    120 x 180 cm

This painting is currently shortlisted by Jackson's Art of London in their annual painting exhibition.   See:

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